RussNet: wordnet  for Russian
Русская версия

RussNet project

RussNet is a lexical semantic database for the Russian language. It is developed by the Department of Applied and Mathematical Linguistics, Faculty of Philology at Saint-Petersburg State University.

The project started in 1999. Since then, 57 linguists took part in the project, the core group including 8.

The aim of the project is to develop a general-purpose resource:
  • presenting the lexical system of Russian as a whole;
  • covering the basic vocabulary of the modern Russian language;
  • including semantic, semantic-grammatical, semantic-derivational relations between words, which are relevant for Russian.
Being the wordnet-type lexicon, RussNet has inherited most of the features of Princeton WordNet, EuroWordNet components and other similar resources:
  • RussNet contains 4 main Part-of-Speach files: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
  • The basic unit of RussNet is a synset (a set of synonyms) representing one lexicalized concept in Russian.
  • Synsets are linked by various paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations.

Current State of RussNet

At present we are mostly elaborating the language-internal structure of RussNet and not focusing on Inter-Lingual-Index.

Current Size of RussNet

Total amount - more than 5500 synsets, including about
  • 1300 noun synsets,
  • 1900 verb synsets,
  • 1100 adjective synsets,
  • 200 adverb synsets.

We also have prepared ~10-12 thousands synsets for final editing.

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