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An AGFL grammar for the Russian language is under development at the department of Applied Linguistics, Philological faculty of St.Petersburg State University. The main goal of the project is to create the Rus4IR system (Russian parser for Information Retrieval) - a powerful natural language processing tool aimed to generate parses from texts written in Russian. That means to create an efficient AGFL grammar for the Russian language and to provide it with an appropriate lexicon.

In our project we use the AGFL parser generation system which was developed by the group of Kees Koster at the Computer Science Department of the University of Nijmegen. As a result, Rus4IR has the same options as other current AGFL-based parsers (i.e. various output modes: tree format or labeled brackets format; a possibility to use transduction etc.).

This system is the first parser system for the Russian language based on AGFL grammars, which have already proved (on other European languages) to be a good solution for representing a language in NLP technologies. Rus4IR, being an information retrieval tool, can deal not only with gramatically well-formed sentences, but also with "segments" extracted left-to-right, therefore it can cope with the ill-formed sentences modern Internet is full of. As a result, the whole system should be both flexible and robust.

(c) First version of the AGFL parser for Russian, Irina Azarova, SPbSU, 1995.
(c) Rus4IR, Irina Azarova, SPbSU, 2004.

Irina Azarova, Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Linguistics, Philological Faculty, St.Petersburg State University, Russia.